To Catch a Pixie, original, pencil illustration



Product Description

Central figure of a faerie trying to catch a pixie while another faerie lounges in a tree idly watching and another floats upwards carrying a rose.

Drawing has been sprayed with fixative.

This is the original, not a print. This drawing comes with a simple frame.
Piece has been scanned for display in this shop, not photographed.

This illustration can be seen in Episode 3 of my YouTube vlog -
the video features it on the wall behind me in the basic frame that it comes with, and in part of the video I talk about it a little bit.

My official website:

This art is under my copyright, you are only purchasing the original piece and NOT the copyrights to it.

Year and my signature logo are on front, on the back it is numbered (this is an inventory number used to track my art originals drawn with intent to sell them), dated and the title is listed, etc.
Original currently available only in the United States.

Stuff with this art on it can be purchased here-

Eventually To Catch a Pixie will be digitally colored, color versions will be made available on stuff in that shop when ready.