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Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror, Goth, Steampunk & more!

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Bent Realm Studios - the art, writing & works of Christina Nabity.
Fantasy, Sci Fi, Horror, Goth, Steampunk & more!
This section will be updated soon to reflect recent changes, especially in the digital section [March 29, 2016]

Located in Show Low, Arizona - in the White Mountains.
Art and writing = my calling, my passion

- What I like to illustrate -
Aliens, Angels, Castles, Creatures & Monsters, Cyborgs, Dragons, Environments & Landscapes, Faeries, Gadgetry, Graveyards, Harlequins, Haunted Places, Ladies, Madness, Mermaids, Pin-Up Art, Robots, Vampires, Witches, Wizards, Zombies & more!

I do online shopkeeping revolving around my art & writing, crafting & making. A long term goal of mine is to build Bent Realm Studios into an empire surrounding the worlds I’ve created; it’s totally on my bucket list.

I also make YouTube videos, including a vlog.

Since 1994, I have created over 200 projects, they're all in some stage of development or another. I have been creating these worlds, characters and stories with the hopes that technology and the world would one day catch up with my dreams. I'd say that it has now. Projects like blogs, novels, stories, comic books, art lines, and more. Also, other pending plans include creating music, animation and more.

Some things are only available in the United States.
At present, Bent Realm Studios is a one woman gig operated out of my home in Arizona. Of course, the hope is to eventually expand though.

- Hobbies I enjoy include: writing, drawing, reading, playing Sims, singing, dancing (incl- bellydancing), music, comics, manga, anime, martial arts, logic problems and more.

Wander through worlds born of madness....realms bent in different lights...

Worlds unfold before my eyes, landscapes fully rise, characters come alive, scenes run wild in my mind, no escape the breathless muse has me ensnared...

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My painting station out in the living room.
My drafting table in the home office, that drafting table lamp my husband got me :)