Gear Miss, small drawing, original



Product Description

Steampunk. This lovely gear miss seems to have found something on the floor of her lab. Could it be the key to finishing her latest steam powered wonder? Or is it evidence of sabotage from a greedy well positioned rival?

This is my very 1st steampunk piece.

For info on prints, posters and other merchandise featuring this art please ask. I will be coloring this in photoshop as well.

Title: Gear Miss
Type: Pencil Illustration, original, small; steampunk.
Paper Dimensions: approx. 3.5 in w x 4.4 in. h
Paper Type: small drawing paper, neutral ph
Drawing has been sprayed with fixative.

This is the original, not a print. Piece has been scanned not photographed.

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This art is under my copyright, you are only purchasing the original piece and NOT the copyrights to it.

Year and my signature logo are on front, on the back it is numbered, dated and the title is listed, etc.