Cyber Mechanik, original illustration, pencil



Product Description

Ornately detailed illustration of a beautiful female cyborg, about to start a project in her mechanics shop, which overlooks a gorgeous waterfall and forest. The saw bladed weapon hanging on the shelf is one she built herself. Take this gorgeous creature home with you today.

It has sci-fi, fantasy and steampunk influences.

This piece was carefully done over a period of 5 months, and I am extremely proud of how it turned out. Before anyone asks- no , I did not spend the entire 5 months working on it, I had to randomly set it aside.

Cyber Mechanik
Type: Pencil Illustration, original.
Paper Dimensions: 8 in w x 11 in. h
Paper Type: Archival Quality paper, acid free, lignin-free
Drawing has been sprayed with fixative.

This is the original, not a print. Piece has been scanned not photographed.

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This art is under my copyright, you are only purchasing the original piece and NOT the copyrights to it.

Year and my signature logo are on front, on the back it is numbered, dated and the title is listed, etc.
Original currently available only in the United States, international available soon.

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